In the beginning . . .

In the beginning, there was nothing.

To be honest it really should have stayed nothing because there’s a lot of messing about in this world. Much of it without purpose. Just aimless bumbling about like a bunch of Walruses that just discovered ecstasy and think they’re really cool because they listen to David Bowie. Not even good, classic, rock-god, spaceman Bowie. Like “China Girl” Bowie.  For example, this blog. This blog is dedicated to those who asked for it. It’s contents will be questionable. It’s goals will be vague, but by God here it is.

For those of you who don’t know me, feel like they do but can’t quite be sure, or just those of you who do but don’t want to admit it because of that one time my dress blew over my head in the Kroger parking lot in front of that nice mormon family with all the babies, I’m a 19 year old lady (girl/woman?) with a small mouth and hips that do lie and they aren’t very good at it. I drive a mom-car that always has a spider in it and I live in suburbia. I have absolutely no idea what direction my life is going in, but I guess we’ll all figure that out on the way. I have an archnemesis that I share an office with and her name is Satan, but for all intensive purposes I’ll refer to her as “Polly” because I think that is one of the worst names someone can have. I’m sorry Polly’s of the world. It’s not you. Its just your name.

I feel like that’s enough information for now as if I reveal everything then I’ll lose my feminine allure. Definitely not laziness, right? I’m gonna withhold some names on here for my own discretion. I’ll try to get a schedule going. Anything you want me to talk about specifically please feel free to leave a comment or find my house and verbally harass me as I’m getting my mail. Preferably just comment.


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