New Facebook Page!

Hey Everyone! Just a quick update. There is a brand new facebook page up and running for all you lovely readers to see updates and follow what goes on off the blog! Thank you to all those new followers that joined us last night and I hope you continue to enjoy my work and share if you like it.

Click here to be have the new facebook open in a window or tab!

Another new thing you’ll notice in the sidebar is the “Donations” page. Donations are made safety and securely through Paypal and can be in any amount! Simply click the “Donations” page and then the little blue button and you’ll be directed to Paypal. This helps me cut down cost of owning the domain name as well as promoting without spamming you with ads. This creates a content focused site aimed at publishing only the best for the readers of M.S.O.L. Think of it like a tip jar. If you’d like to put a nickel in and tell me to “dance, monkey, dance”, I’ll do it! If not, I’ll still do it!

Again, Welcome new readers and followers and a big thank you to those who have been there since day one. All of your ratings and shares have meant so much and I look forward to continuing to write it for you.

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