Beginning of Season II

New Season

Hello wonderful followers, facebookers, and the seven to nine friends of my mother that she insists read what ever this may be. It’s wonderful to be back on MySuddenlyOkayLife! I had to take a bit of a break to get a bunch of college stuff all adjusted and ready to make important adult decisions that could affect the entire outcome of my life with the simple choice of to take Shakespeare or Minority Literature first.

   I ended up taking them both at the same time. It seemed like a good idea but it ended up providing an impressive mountain of reading. I’ve learned the general idea of how to survive being a character in any form of literature seems to be universal regardless of genre.

   Rule 1. Be white.

   Rule 2. Be a man.

   Rule 3. Don’t not be white.

   Rule 4. If your uncle has one weird, shriveled hand, he’s probably an asshole and you shouldn’t invite him to family functions.

   But really.

   The rules of horror movies are essentially the same as those of any type of pre-1900 literature. Also I would like to point out right now that Taming of the Shrew is nothing like that delightful movie, 10 Things I Hate About You. Heath Ledger made anything look good. Regardless of literary let-down, I love my classes. My professors are amazing and the campus alone is beautiful. I’ve finally gotten to a point where I’ve fallen into an even rhythm with school work.

   With the new and much appreciated free time I have found, I hope to continue writing this blog and I hope you guys continue to read and enjoy it. So I’m turning a new chapter on this blog and naming it Season II. “Why? It makes no sense. A season? What?”, you may ask.

   Well, the answer is simply because I can.

  Again, I can’t say this enough, thank you for reading and keeping up with this blog. It’s awesome to know that people enjoy what I write. Be sure to check out the official facebook page of MySuddenlyOkayLife in the sidebar. Theres around 1,100 like so far which is blowing my mind. In the donation’s page you’ll also find our tip jar! If you feel like leaving a token of gratitude, to any amount of your choosing, the “Donations” button takes you to a secure page through Paypal where you can do just that to help support this site. Of course, another great way to support is to share! Plus it’s free!

Thanks for reading!

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